How to start with Kubernetes in Azure fast?

How to start with Kubernetes in Azure fast?

Speaker: Michał Furmankiewicz



All you need to know about the platform to deploy workloads, scale them, secure them and configure your first service mesh of services with Istio and Envoy.

  • Get the basic understanding of Kubernetes objects and how they work together
  • Get the understanding how AKS is integrated with Azure and how you can benefit out of it
  • Learn about additional services like Log Analytics, Front Door or App GW and their integration with AKS

Topics covered:
  • architecture of K8s,
  • events in Kubernetes,
  • basic objects,
  • traffic management,
  • monitoring

Intended audience:

Everyone, who starts their journey with containers and Kubernetes and would like to understand the platform better. All attendees should have a basic understanding of Docker and Azure. Knowledge about K8s is not required.

Required equipment:

PC, Azure Subscription will be delivered by us.

Required software:

Nothing, everything will be prepared. Visual Studio Code or other any other text editor will help.

Workshop type: