Kubernetes From Zero to Hero in AWS

Kubernetes From Zero to Hero in AWS

Speaker: Tomasz Stachlewski



Containerization, Cloud and Kubernetes are becoming technologies which are the standard way of building new and modern applications. In this workshop, we will learn about basics of Kubernetes – we will spin up K8S clusters, containerize applications and launch it in AWS Cloud. We will use managed services such EKS and Lambda to speed up the whole process. We will compare different kinds of K8S clusters such as based on standard virtual servers and serverless clusters based on Fargate technology and many many more.

  1. Introduction to basics of Kubernetes
  2. Introduction to basics of Containerization
  3. Introduction to Docker services in AWS
  4. Launching and managing K8S clusters in AWS
  5. Launching and comparing K8S clusters with servers and in serverless mode
  6. Cost optimization with Spot servers
    and many others

Topics covered:
  • Kubernetes Fundamentals
  • Cloud (AWS)
  • Serverless
  • Docker Fundamentals
  • Cost Optimization
  • Service Discovery
  • Monitoring

Intended audience:

IT specialists, IT students

Required equipment:


Required software:

No Requirements

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